Frequently asked questions

When/Within which time period I can book/complete the check-up appointment?

Any individual, Can book/complete check-up appointment immidiately after package purchase or within one year from the date of purchase. It has validity of one year.

Who is eligible for the Preventive Health Check-ups?

Any individual, 18 years and above can avail the preventive health check-up.

How should I take the appointment for a check-up?

The appointment booking details are available on our website in Distributor portal. You need to fill the appointment details in all respects for us to allocate an appointment date. If the dates mentioned by you are not available, we will allocate the earliest available date.

Can I prepone or postpone the check-up appointment?

Yes, you can prepone or postpone the appointment as per your convenience. However, any preponements /postponements are subject to availability of dates.

What is the process of beneficiary change?

To change the Check-up beneficiary, email us at contact@expressnetworx.com Please inform us two days prior to the appointment requested.

Can I upgrade my health Check-up package after buying it?

Yes. You can upgrade your health Check-up package to other of higher value. This should be done before you avail the Check-up on the existing package. For this, you need to make a payment at Express office and reschedule a new appointment for your upgraded Check-up package.

Do I need to know anything before I go for the Check-up?

Please refer our Health Check-up Guidelines send to you on email for appointment confirmation for further information.

What happens if I do not report for the Check-up on the confirmed date?

It is mandatory for you to take the check-up on confirmed appointment date. Only in case of an emergency or unavoidable circumstance we may consider your request.

Can there be any operational problems resulting into delay at the centre?

Yes, the chances of problems are evident in all services and we are no exception to it. Due to circumstances beyond our control, something unexpected may happen that may prevent an event or situation from continuing normally. We humbly request our customers to co-operate in such instances.

Can the Health Check-up packages be split between two or more people?

No, the Check-up packages cannot be split.

Whom should I contact in case of any query during the Check-up?

Our Customer Care executives will be more than happy to help you for your assistance.

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