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The Express Healthcare Networx has developed and follows our policy for promotion, advertising, sales and marketing of its products. The distributor’s should abide &implement such policy. Under no circumstances, distributors are allowed to alter or formulate policies. However, distributors are encouraged to provide inputs and suggestions for Express Healthcare Networx's consideration. Express Healthcare Networx does not allow its products to be stored, displayed or sold in wholesale or retail outlets. Every distributor is expected to report such instances if they come to his / her notice along with a note indicating the person / distributor responsible for and the circumstances behind such instance. Sale and purchase of the Express Healthcare Networx's products amongst distributors and staff of the Express Healthcare Networx is not permissible. Upon detection of such instances, strict action shall be taken against the persons involved. Sale of products at prices and in packages other than the one determined and implemented by the Express Healthcare Networx is strictly prohibited. Acts of sale of products at prices other than the prescribed price for competing with other distributors or otherwise shall be seriously viewed in such cases Express Healthcare Networx may terminate distributorship of the person found responsible for such act and forfeit their bonus entitlement/arrears.

Any distributor may resign from distributorship by submitting an application. Acknowledgment of receipt of such communication constitutes resignation. A person who resigns or whose distributorship is cancelled / terminated may reapply for distributorship only after lapse of a period of 6 months (cooling period) from the date of resignation / cancellation of his / her last distributorship. In such case the person cannot have any claim whatsoever over the down-line / business he/she had prior to reapply for distributorship.

In case a Distributor resigns for certain unforeseen circumstances, subject to Express Healthcare Networx's satisfaction, he/she may transfer the Distributorship to his/her blood relative only (proper proof and documentation required). In such case the Applicant will be the blood relative and the co-applicant will be the earlier Distributor or the spouse of the blood relative. Express Healthcare Networx's decision in this regard will be final.

Distributorship in ordinary circumstances expires upon death or proven incapacity of the distributor. However, nominee of the deceased upon evincing interest to succeed distributorship may be allowed by the Express Healthcare Networx. In cases where the nominee does not come forward till 3 months from the date of death or incapacitation of the original distributor as the case may be, successor of the deceased upon submitting appropriate documentation and evincing interest to succeed distributorship may be allowed by the Express Healthcare Networx. However, under no circumstances such distributorship will be entertained after 6 months from the date of death or knowledge of incapacitation of the distributor either from nominee or successor.

Distributorship may be cancelled/terminated, declared unclaimed or suspended by the Express Healthcare Networx for the reasons mentioned in the Express Healthcare Networx's Policies/Rules and Regulations.

A Distributor shall not

Incur any liabilities or Debt in the name or on behalf of the Express Healthcare Networx.

Enter into, modify or alter any contract in the name of the Express Healthcare Networx.

Engage it or show interest directly/indirectly as agent, servant or licensee for sale of any product/ goods other than those of the Express Healthcare Networx, in any trade, business or profession in competition with the Express Healthcare Networx.

The failure of the Express Healthcare Networx to exercise any rights stated in the Express Healthcare Networx Rules and Regulations or in the Distributor Application Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of the Express Healthcare Networx's rights to demand exact compliance therewith.

Any waiver by the Express Healthcare Networx can and shall only be affected in writing by authorized personnel of the Express Healthcare Networx.

The Express Healthcare Networx does not charge any renewal fee and Distributorship will be long life.

Distributorship is discontinued if the Distributor resigns and if the resignation is accepted by the Express Healthcare Networx.

In the above cases the Distributor will be required to put forth his/her claims within one month of the date of the above happenings, thereafter no claim will be entertained. The claims will be settled as per Express Healthcare Networx's existing Policy

The limitation period of claiming any amount due to the Distributor by Express Healthcare Networx, A Division of Express Clinics Pvt. Ltd. shall be 2 years. No claims after a period of 2 years from the due date shall be entertained by Express Healthcare Networx.

On expiry or termination of distributorship, the distributor shall remove and discontinue the use of all Express Healthcare Networx signs, logo and/or any other representations and shall not use any name, signs, label, stationery, ID Card, Product name, copyrights, designs and/or any printed material related to any of the Express Healthcare Networx's products. If the above condition is violated, the Express Healthcare Networx in its discretion may take legal recourse against the errant distributors.